Traffic Safety

Safety is a primary concern and something we will be vigilant about at all times at Kloefkorn School. One important aspect of safety is traffic flow during critical drop-off and pick-up times. We have worked with the City Traffic Engineers Office and the Lincoln Police Department to develop a recommended traffic plan, cross walk locations, signage, and walking routes.
We ask for your patience and for your help in following these procedures. Like you, safety is our #1 priority. Please familiarize yourself (and anyone who might pick up your student) with our one-directional traffic flow during arrival & dismissal times. Specific details – and an Extreme Weather Parking Plan – are available on Page 12 of the Student Parent Handbook 2016-17:
In general:

  • Traffic flows one direction during high-traffic times of arrival (7:45am – 8:15am) and dismissal (2:15pm – 3:15pm)
  • Traffic always moves from north to south

Main Entrance / Front Loop procedure:

  • The curb along the west-/school-side of Glass Ridge Drive is for loading/unloading students. It is posted as a Loading Zone (10 minute maximum with driver in the vehicle) with No Parking 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on School Days. Using this side of the street allows students to safely exit/enter the passenger side of your vehicle to the school grounds. We do not want students crossing in the middle of Glass Ridge Drive to enter/exit awaiting cars on the east side.
  • In the front drive-through loop (one way only), please follow the adults directing traffic and pull all the way forward to utilize the entire loop. Cars must pull over and stop along the curb to load/unload; children should ONLY enter and exit from curbside. Students must be ready to exit the car immediately to keep traffic moving. Drivers must stay in their vehicle during high traffic times (see above).
  • Parking in the front loop is allowed outside high-traffic times.
  • Cell phones must not be used in the loop during high-traffic times.
  • When exiting the loop, do so with a right-hand turn ONLY. Proceed slowly and with caution!

Side Entrance / South Loop procedure:

  • The drive through loop on the south side (parking lot) of the school is designated for:
    • buses and commercial daycare vans, and
    • Loading/unloading student’s families of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who use south wing doors for arrival and dismissal. For students’ safety, they will not be dismissed to meet waiting vehicles in the ‘Staff Only’ parking lot; they must be picked up curbside

Establishing walking/biking routes to school, carpooling with other families, identifying an alternative drop-off/pick-up site away from the school grounds, are recommended options for reducing/avoiding traffic congestion that is a part of every school’s day. Please develop a plan with your child about drop-off and pick-up times so they know where you plan to meet or pick them up, as this dictates where they will go upon dismissal. Your help in sharing this information with childcare providers and grandparents who may be picking up children is appreciated.
Effective safety practices are not always convenient. Your willingness to adhere to the procedures is critical to the success of our plan and ultimately to the safety of all Kloefkorn students.
Your patience and cooperation are sincerely appreciated!