Chronicle 07/24/2020

July 24th, 2020

July 24, 2020

Kloefkorn families,

I hope that you are all doing well.  I am guessing that many of you are a bit overwhelmed and may have questions as we approach our unique 2020-2021 school year.  I’m hoping this message will help answer some of your questions and give you a bit more clarity about what school will look like at Kloefkorn in just a few short weeks.  I also  want to assure you that I am here for you and am HAPPY to talk via phone or email so you get the answer to any questions you may have.  Just give me a call!

This message is a bit lengthy but it is ALL important, so please read through this information in its entirety. 

Class lists will not be finalized until Friday, August 7. You will be notified by email regarding student/teacher placement.

Here are some guiding principles we are following  per LPS pandemic procedures:

  1. Students will stay in cohorts (home room classroom group) to the extent that their educational needs allow. 
  2. Students will have access to individual supplies.
  3. Anything shared (spaces or supplies) will be cleaned with disinfectant or will be set aside for 72 hours before use. 
  4. Students will wear face coverings while on school property except during designated times (lunch, recess, specific curriculum time, face covering breaks).
  5. Students will wash hands or sanitize hands frequently throughout the day, including before lunch and after recess. 
  6. Students will be taught about and will practice social distancing to the extent possible during the school day.  
  7. At this time, LPS is restricting visitors and volunteers in all schools.  

Below are the main categories of the school day and a brief description of what the changes/safety measures will look like at Kloefkorn:

Arrival: This process will look very similar to what it has been in the past with a few exceptions.   As you likely know, LPS is requiring face coverings when on LPS property, so that would mean all students should come to school with a face covering on.  Any adult that is walking students onto school grounds should also have a face covering on.  Students may wear their own face covering. LPS will provide 2 face coverings to our students if needed.  We will be outside to distribute a face covering to any student who arrives without one.  Since LPS is not allowing visitors in the building at this time,  this means that parents are not able to come into the building in the morning with their child(ren).  Please practice saying goodbye at the car or sidewalk and we will be ready to help your child(ren) get to their classroom, safe and sound.  There is still no parking and exiting your car in the front loop/pick up lane.  If you plan to walk up to the sidewalk to drop off your child, you’ll need to park on the street.  

Remember that the arrival times have not changed. If your child(ren) will be eating a school breakfast, they may arrive no earlier than 7:45 a.m. and enter through door 1 (front door).   During breakfast students will be socially distanced and will arrive with their face coverings on, remove them to eat breakfast and put them back on when they are finished.  

We do not have adult supervision until 8:00 a.m. Students not eating a school breakfast may arrive and enter the building between 8:00 and 8:15. The tardy bell rings at 8:15.  Kindergarten through 4th grade students may enter the building through door 1 (front door) or door 5 (south side of the building). We are asking that 5th graders enter the building through door 6 (…..side of the building).

  • Kindergarten students will walk to the kindergarten hallway. They will wait until 8:10 a.m. and then enter the classroom.  
  • 1st grade students will walk to the 1st grade hallway. They will wait until 8:10 a.m. and then enter the classroom. 
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders will walk to the gym. They will wait until 8:10 a.m. and then be dismissed to their classrooms. 
  • 5th graders will walk to the hallway, by their classrooms, and wait until 8:10 a.m.  They will be dismissed to their classrooms at 8:10 a.m.  

Dismissal: We will have some minor dismissal changes. There is still no parking and exiting your car in the front loop/pick up lane.  If you are waiting in the lane for your student, please wait in your car and your student will walk to your vehicle.  Students should enter the vehicle from the curbside.  If you plan to walk up to the building/sidewalk to meet your child, you need to park on the street.  If you are picking up your child in the parking lot you must park, get out of your vehicle and walk to pick up your child on the sidewalk.  Students may not walk through the parking lot to get in a vehicle. This is just too dangerous.

  • Kindergarten students will continue to be dismissed at 2:50 p.m. from door 13.
  • 1st grade-door 1 @ 2:53 p.m.
  • 2nd grade-door 1  @ 2:53 p.m.
  • 3rd grade-door 5 ***NEW THIS YEAR*** @ 2:53 p.m.
  • 4th grade-door 7  @ 2:53 p.m.
  • 5th grade-door 6  @ 2:53 p.m.

Kindergarten and 1st grade students that ride childcare vans will be escorted to door 5. 

Remember to fill out and return the After School Plan form so we are able to make sure your student gets where they need to be.  Our day ends at 2:53 and students need to be picked up by 3:00.  Note* school is dismissed at 1:33pm the first 3 days of school 8/12-8/14 and on PLC days the last Tuesday of the month.

Lunch:  As mentioned in the guiding principles, we are going to keep students with their homeroom classes, so this applies to lunch.  Students will walk to lunch as a class and will sit at tables with their classmates.  We will sit 5-6  to a hexagon table.  Once students are at their tables with their lunches, they will remove their face coverings to eat and will then put the face coverings back on to take care of their trash.  We will continue to have a table for students who have food allergies and we will fill that table so that students are not eating alone.   

Because the lunchroom supervisors will be with students, while the students are not wearing face coverings, we will be more careful to maintain our distance.  The adults supervising will keep face coverings on throughout lunch.  With this in mind, it will be very helpful if you make sure cold lunches can be opened and eaten independently.  This will help with cross contamination, as adults often need to help students open their lunches.  Some common struggles are juice boxes and their straws, Lunchables, string cheese, cupped fruit, thermos lids that are too tight and Go-Gurt. You are welcome to send these items, but if you could practice opening these items or get them started for them while packing their lunch that would be great!   

Recess: Students will go to recess before lunch.  Students will also have a second recess with their grade level each day.  This is not a change from past years.  New this year is all students will be staying in cohorts while at recess. This means students will enjoy recess with their classmates from their homeroom each day.  I have created a rotation of recess zones for each cohort so students will have access to a variety of activities.  During recess, students will be allowed to remove face coverings because they are outside and social distancing is possible. 

In the classroom: While there will be some changes in our instructional routines to allow for safety measures, students will have the same curriculum experience they would have in any given year.  Some pacing will be adjusted to allow time for our new safety routines, but you can be sure that expectations for learning will be kept high.  Students will remain with their homeroom classmates for most of the day.  In the classroom each student will have his/her own supplies to use.  Students will be taught about safety measures such as hand washing, proper use of face coverings, social distancing and monitoring /reporting how they feel (symptom checking).  Kloefkorn will utilize a touchless thermometer and one teacher per day will take temperatures of his/her classroom.  Teachers will send students for follow up in the health office for further screening if they have an elevated temperature.  Each teacher will  have a  process to give students a break from their face covering if needed.  We will also be taking face covering breaks throughout the day.  During these breaks, students will remain at least 6 feet away from each other.   Each homeroom class has a sink for hand washing and filling water bottles.  Please remember to send your child with a water bottle that is labeled. Drinking fountains throughout the building will be turned off for safety. 

Specials: Yes, students will have specials! This year our specialists will come to the students in their homeroom classroom to provide instruction with the exception of PE.  On PE days, the class will go to PE with Mr. Schmeeckle either in the gym or outside, weather permitting.   Your child’s teacher will communicate their classroom’s specials schedule so you know which special is on what day.  

Student Supports:  During the day students will continue to receive different kinds of support for their learning, behavior and/or their social emotional well-being. Students who receive support from our special education teachers, interventionist, reading recovery teacher, speech/language pathologist, social worker, band teacher, strings teacher or our school psychologist, will continue to have those supports.  To the extent possible, students will remain with other students from their homeroom (cohort) as they work with these support teachers.  

Open House Reminder: As I have shared before, LPS has given us the directive that all schools must plan for a virtual Open House rather than meeting in person with you the week prior to school.  I gathered a team to plan for what this may look like to best serve our families and our students.  We made the decision that all teams will be preparing and sending an Open House video.  The videos will be sent to your family on August 10. 

If you Choose Remote/ Zoom In Learning: While we are in yellow or orange on the Lancaster County COVID-19 Risk Dial any family who chooses may opt in to remote learning.  If you choose this option please go to the LPS website to complete the Zoom In Learning form between now and July 31. Beginning August 1, you will need to call the Kloefkorn office to opt in to remote learning.  We will help you through that process.   We will work to gather the needed materials for you to pick up and the teacher will send a schedule. The remote teacher will be a Kloefkorn teacher but may or may not be your child’s assigned homeroom teacher.  If you have any questions about Zoom in Learning, please do not hesitate to call me.

Volunteers and Visitors to School: Only approved LPS staff/mentors, Teammates and therapists will be allowed in the building during the day.  Parents/Guardians, wearing face coverings, will be allowed at school for planned meetings or to drop off items in the main office as needed.  This means that no parent volunteers are allowed and no parents can come eat lunch with their student or visit at recess.  I know this is very different from how families traditionally interact with the Kloefkorn community and their child during the school day, but this decision has been made for the safety of all students and staff during this time.  It is important that we limit the number of people that interact at school, so IF we need to do contact tracing to determine risk of COVID-19 exposure, the process is as focused as it can be.  

Kloefkorn PTO: Because the district is restricting volunteers and activities, many of the PTO events will be limited or cancelled until further notice.  This includes all fundraising activities, family events, classroom events and parties. 

Thank you for reading this in entirety! You are amazing.  Remember, I am HAPPY to talk this through, so please give me a call if you have any questions!   More information will be shared as plans unfold.


Mrs.  Bowhay


NEW – Online Verification & Arrival Dismissal Forms

Starting on Monday, July 20th, parents/guardians will verify their child(ren)’s enrollment information through the online parent portal, ParentVUE. Please review the information below and update/complete at your earliest convenience. Click here to complete the Online Verification. 

ParentVUE – Required Online Verification 

If you are new to LPS this year, it is likely that you already have a ParentVUE account because you were required to create an account when you completed the online enrollment for your incoming student(s). If you are a returning family to LPS, it is possible that you have created a ParentVUE account in the past. 

If you have previously activated your ParentVUE account, but can’t remember your password, you can reset it online at

Note: Only one parent/guardian needs to complete the Online Verification. The parent/guardian must have educational rights and custody of the student to complete this process. You must open your ParentVUE account on a computer to complete the online verification.

Arrival Dismissal Forms

Please complete this required Arrival/Dismissal Plan for your child(en) prior to Open House. Please complete one per student. This link can also be found on our website. Click here